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When thumbs, likes and +1's just don't cut it, find out what people really think on Ratepop.


Ratepop is the definitive global voice for rating and consumer sentiment.

Ratepop intelligently aggregates user ratings into real-time usable information. It's not enough to know whether you like something... we capture the detail behind your likes and dislikes on any conceivable thought - be it an image, a brand, a person or personality, an event, or experience.

Ratepop is the rating app that counts.

See something interesting that you love or hate?

Take a pic from your phone, or share one you already have in your gallery, and find out how other people feel about it by sharing it in Ratepop. Don’t worry if you can’t take a pic, simply search the web for the pic that you like and share that instead.

Follow your friends, family and famous celebs to find out what they are rating and make sure to share your rating too. Never miss out on any updates by getting notifications on your phone when anyone mentions you or comments on your shared pic. If you’re looking for new items to review, then scroll through the newsfeed to find things that you love or hate... and rate them!

Take a look at a few of the awesome features that Ratepop has on offer

  • Take a pic, share it, rate it! It's that easy!
  • Find the perfect pic on the web and share it.
  • Follow friends to see what they are rating.
  • Discover new items being rated and share your rating.
  • Follow live events and track the rating as it happens.

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